How You Can Help

The African Predator Conservation Research Organization is looking for your help!

There are so many ways to become an integral part of the worldwide effort to help save and protect Africa’s Big Cats and other carnivores! In the ever shrinking world of the large predators, it is absolutely essential we all do our part. By helping APCRO, you are doing your part and there are so many ways to help!

1. Financial
APCRO, Inc. is an approved 501(c)(3) status, therefore your donations to helping save African carnivores are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

By donating directly to APCRO, Inc. you can be part of our effort and help ensure that African carnivores will be on earth for many generations to come. Our research team is small and needs help from supporters like you to defray the costs of transportation, obtaining biological/medical samples, and getting them to the appropriate laboratory for testing. There are also the actual costs of testing which are sometimes helped by the researcher or laboratory itself, but those “in-kind” donations are harder to get with the tough economic times of Universities and research laboratories. Every little click on PayPal/Donate button helps.


2. Sponsor a fund-raiser event
You may very well know several folks who are lovers of African wildlife and adore watching the beautiful images on the television specials and major network wildlife shows. APCRO is quite accustomed to giving presentations that allows interested parties to have a nice view of what it is like to work in the field and personally see what we do and how we do it! Now we don’t claim to have the videos you will see on these major networks and programs, but you certainly will get a personal encounter with the folks in the field! Functions such as a brief get-together, wine n’ cheese, sometimes even a braai (or barbecue) and fireside chat is possible.

The goal is to have a relaxed atmosphere where you and your friends can discuss the reality of what is happening with the large predators and the direction our research is going and how we are helping. These events are fun and entertaining. With the right crowd, they can also become very helpful in finding support to achieve our goals.

3. Donate something off the “Wish List
Please review our wish list for items that the APCRO team can use in the field. Many times these items may seem like “pie in the sky” to us at APCRO, but you may be or know of a photographer who is constantly upgrading equipment and doesn’t need one of their “used” digital cameras, as an example. As long as it works, it could be gold for APCRO. This is also true of many of the other items as well. Be creative and see if there is something on the list you might even want to “re-gift!”

4. Volunteer
We have a lot of need to get certain tasks completed and definitely need help. As we keep stating, we are a small organization and rely heavily on the good will of like minded people. We have had veterinary students and wildlife post-graduates join us for a short field experience time. We have others help with mailings and phone calls to solicit support. We have had folks help in so many ways, we are open to any positive suggestions that might allow us to achieve more or get the word out with what we have done and what we are intending to do.

Please see the volunteer page for some specifics on the field experience portion, but that is definitely not the only way to volunteer!

Please contact us for any questions or constructive suggestions.

Thank you!