APCRO had a very successful night!

One of the satellite collars retrieved!

Last evening was a great success! We went to the region where two female hyenas were fitted for satellite collars two years ago. They had dropped off the animals several months ago (Via a collar release mechanism) and via VHF we were able to quickly locate both collars! They will be brought back to the USA to be refurbished for future work.
We stayed in the region and did a call-up near a large pan. There was a large clan of Hyena and we immobilized a dominant female for sample processing. When we did a call up after the hyena, a young male leopard came in and we were able to immobilize him as well. Samples were collected and both anesthesia’s were successful. Our worked was completed well into the night and returned to camp about 3:00 am.
Beth, Josh and Shake (University of Minnesota third year Veterinary students) woke up early to start processing samples. We performed fecal analysis as well as CBC and prepared samples to be returned to our collaborators in the USA. Stayed tuned for more as we are preparing for another successful night!

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